Conscious New Earth
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On the Journey on Earth, there is a lot of work needed to be done on ourselves honestly & consistently

Subtle Guidance

When you work with higher consciousness just know that you are never alone for you are always guided

Conscious Living

Living consciously is the very basis of being grounded and even while being connected to higher realms

Enlightened Beings

There were, are and will always be great enlightened beings who are the lighthouses for humanity

Conscious Places

Conscious places are places that hold active energy boosters where one can recharge & rejuvenate


Conscious reading of conscious material brings in conscious wisdom delight, wisdom & inspiration

Why are you here?

This website does emit certain vibrations that obviously has resonated with you and that is what makes you come here. There are no coincidences in this creation. So, if you have come here, you find out yourself what resonated with you.

Everything in the Universe is vibrations and that includes you. So, everything affects each other in a certain way. At the same time, the law of attraction is working every moment in every atom in the Universe, and that is what governs also who does what, who is where.

The Conscious. Space is like a common platform of an evolving planet. Here we strive to bring all the various sources of information that are supportive to the ascension of the planet and thus the souls living in it. There are are whole multitude of modalities at are consistently working right now throughout the Universe to support the ascension process., Know that if you support your own ascension, you are doing a great deal of service to the whole grand plan. Everyone is working in some or the other way to be of help. This website is also providing one such help to make this evolution a smoother and better transition.

Beautiful High Vibratory Quotes

Go through a series of high vibrational quotes and images from multiple souls – all sharing their beautiful insights from their own beautiful journey of life in this period of transition.